Skip Bin Hire Company Keep Things Clean!

When away from home in places like hotels, parks and other attractions; first impression is what sets the scene to whether you are going to enjoy the place and its atmosphere. A place that is tidy and clean looking is what, in my opinion, one of the main quality that many would consider a must.

For example, we go to a clean park. The grass is well maintained and there is very minimal rubbish that can be see. Often we take it for granted, and not realising how much effort it does take to keep a place clean and well maintained. Not only the work that has been put in, but also other resources such as rubbish bins, toilet facilities or even the sprinkler used to water the grass (in the case of a park). This leads into what I wanted to share in this post.

In this post I wanted to give a shout out to an awesome skip bin hire company called Wizz Binz. Here is why: I went on a picnic trip at the Serpentine National Park… (for those who don’t know where that is, check out the map below):

serpentine map

and the first thing I said to myself is “Ohh my, how clean is this place?” Apart from the smaller general rubbish bins around the place, I was kind of surprised to see a bigger skip bin at location. This bigger skip bin had the company’s name painted on it. The company is called Wizz Binz. Inside that particular bin, it had general rubbish and tree prunings in it. Not only it had the company’s name printed on it. But it had their phone number on it.

Anyways, to make long story short.. I decided to call the number, simply to say that what they do (although paid for) is something that should be applauded for. The fact that Serpentine is about an hour away from Perth, I was kind of surprised they serviced the area. Back to what I was saying, upon calling them up – they actually told me that the bin that was placed at the national park was done out of good will! Yep, you heard right… free of charge! Hence why credit should be given when credit is due! And I think Wizz Binz should be credited for their awesome support to keep Perth clean.

To those pessimists out there, you may think they are doing it to promote their business. But I think.. good on them! Everyone wins.. that’s how I see it. To all local businesses within the Perth metropolitan area.. why not follow what Wizz Bins has done for the community! The already awesome place will be way more awesome!

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