When people talk about taking holidays, many refer to travelling overseas or the Nullabor trip to Sydney. But what many Perth locals don’t realise is that many exciting and unique things can be seen and experienced right here within about two hours within the Perth CBD!

I admit.. I was once one of them. One of them who was convinced that awesome holidays experience are ones that is far away from home. For example Bali, China and even as far as the United States. Until I started to explore Western Australia more, I discovered that we’ve got many things to offer and great places to visit.

Then, just very recently. I also discovered that particular spots within Perth (eg. a park), a spot by the river, a shopping complex can also be fun and exciting. Especially when you haven’t been or experienced it. No longer does it have to be an exotic desert, palm trees by the beach or the Great Wall of China. Great places can be anywhere. Also, vacations doesn’t have to spending a night or a week at the one location. For example, it could be a trip to the local park to have a sausage sizzle for lunch can be a “vacation”.

Long story short, this is why I’ve created this website, suitably named 2hourvacation.com with the primary purpose of sharing great spots within two hours drive from the Perth CBD that you may not of known about. The great thing is that you can have your “2 hour vacation” and be back home within the same day!